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What to call a girl who is a friend

That's me) from Luxury Thailand Travel says he'd really appreciate your kind support.
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Let her there once was a girl called alice call you whatever she wants!
Hell move for a commitment.If it's been less than a year or so I would be annoyed at my kid calling someone else any variation of mom too.Having her change what she calls you now isn't going to hurt her feelings at this age.The Christian and Byzantine Museum is also quite interesting and has a large collection of various Greek coins.He wont be a mooch.If you think about all the work you do every single day in life, you deserve a long break every now and then.
I would ask her "what do you want to call me?" and go with whatever she says.
My step-daughter was 3 going on 4 when we got married.

Bangkok Call Girl Venus, versatile Venus.1 mom found this helpful.D.Answers from Philadelphia on May 03, 2011 She is calling you what she wants to call you.Unfortunately, it sounds like her bio mom has issues with *anyone* being called Mommy - or maybe just you, her Ex's new wife, bring called Mommy.I have told them if they want to call their step mom "mom they can.Then you can both talk to the girl at the same time with the proper way to address you and she won't be confused.I know you mean well, but often moms get irked when their child decides to call someone else mom in any capacity - my daughter is 3 and considering what I've gone through being pregnant, the baby years, the toddler years, how much work.My son's first teacher was often called mommy by him and she was of a different race than us but I wasn't offended.See what you guys can come up with together.I'm also teary-eyed because you're so very respectful of her biological mother.
Maybe just your first name, or some other entirely special name would be better.
2 moms found this helpful,.M.