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translate salope

Youll definitely hear merde used in France in as wide of a context as shit in English.
Level 1: Those that are somewhat acceptable for use around selected people.
Even like this to effectively express how shitty the guys situation.(neek tah mare watch out for this curse, as it literally translates as fuck your mother.She almost forget that she has to go back tonight.But waitwhy do we need to learn some profanity, anyway?For purposes of swearing, you beograd escort usluge can say cest naze to say something is shitty or it sucks big time.

For example, pauvre naze is said about a useless person, and you can also say je suis naze when youre super tired.If it can get a president in hot water, it sure can get you in trouble, too, especially when used with other swear words like con.Dinner for Shmucks with Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd.Plus theres secret diary of a call girl cast the cultural differences and taboos you have to consider.J'lui réponds: ta gueule, sale conne, ça t'regarde pas!Now, before you go around dropping the French equivalent of the F bomb on your next trip, keep in mind that language plays an immensely important role in French culture.Do you have any other French swear words you would like to add?
People joke that the word fuck can be used as every part of speech in English, and in French, putain functions much the same histoire prostitution france way.
Take this short clip from The Matrix for example where the character simply known as The Merovingian was extolling the virtues of cursing in French.