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List Of Big Traffic Exchanges EasyHits4U Probably you heard for jasmine thai escort it already and most probably you are already member there even if you are not regular surfer.
TrafficSwirl.4 Play various surfing games to win credits and cash.Cant say much about because still no time to test new version.List of Top Autosurf Exchanges, name, timer.This is something that most TE owners hide (yes, those stats are frustrating and devastating and talks much about so called industry).HotFlashHits.4* Bi-monthly promotion contest with cash prizes.QIX was established in 1995 auto exchange mchenry by risq.Any time you detect a bot, you would need to block that bot, invalidate the credits earned through the bot, and warn or potentially ban the user running the bot.Other than that, take a look at the timer, surf ratio, and my comments, and visit the TE for more info."The Slovak Internet eXchange ".Is that worth of 3?
CoopMG.3 Claim Top Surfer Certificates at participating TEs to win the weekly cash jackpot.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.Can sell credits for cash.You would have webmasters from across the country, in all niches, sharing their sites.This is why number of active members of some traffic exchange is so important.The traffic exchange itself is a central hub that regulates websites and views.(surfing together Tezak, Traffic Splash, Traffic Swirl, Dragon Surf in same time) I find handy to accumulate credits during 100 ratio boost and occasionally run my splashes but nothing more than that.You have to know that sites of upgraded members have priority in rotator.They filter their sites to remove malware and malicious sites, they ban people trying to abuse the system, and they have high volumes of hits.A b c Includes all 6 sites: Stockholm A B, kenia escort Malmö, Sundsvall, Gothenburg, and Luleå "Statistics Netnod".You set the price, and any unsold traffic will be sent to your sites instead.
If you add in a second traffic exchange with the same statistics and rules, youre earning two credits per minute; you just need to have another browser window open for that other exchange.
Hungry For Hits.5 Up to 40 commissions.

It gets worse when the exchange requires more views for a credit.
To collect credits faster use Nerd Surfing or a CTP (Click Track Profit) Battery.
A b "LyonIX Traffic Graphs".