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Les personnes prostituées sont considérées comme un vecteur des maladies sexuellement transmissibles (surtout la syphilis mais le phénomène prostitutionnel lui-même est considéré comme inévitable.Unique, 5 L /42, art.En effet, la location en vue de prostitution est interdite par la législation sur le proxénétisme.4, 048; En..
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Prostitution au benin

There are times no man would come to ask what we are selling let alone buy.
A Comparative Study of Prostitutes in Nigeria and Botswana (PDF) (Thesis).
A large number of sex workers had limited information about STD's and a majority mentioned that they did not utilize a clinic for treatment.
For N1, 000 or even less, the prostitutes are willing to strip and engage in a round of sex.Ocpm reports that traffickers no longer travel with child victims being moved internally or to nearby countries.In 2010, hearings were held on the floor of the House of Representative about the Bill for an Act to Prohibit Corporate Prostitution and Exploitation of Women and for Other Matters Connected Therewith.UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, rue verte bruxelles prostitution ml accessed 32 The absence of adequate information, including disaggregated statistical data, on the situation of sexual exploitation of children is a matter of concern for the Committee.In many of the cases, there were examples of coercion.However, when one mentions Ugbague in Benin and its environs, it connotes a place where hundreds of ladies sell their bodies for money.If you are tired of the job, other ladies are ready to take over your room.While the reporter was there, some of the ladies dished out suggestive stuff, as the music blasted from the speakers.The Nigeria criminal system prohibits national and trans-national trafficking of women for commercial sex or forced labour.Retrieved 19 December 2014.There were also others that were quite fleshy.A top ranking policeman, who pleaded not to be mentioned, said the police do raid and arrest prostitutes, always.

Stichting Aktie Benin (SAB).Each of us at this side of the hotel pays N1, 000 everyday for a room.The walls in some of the walkways leading to the brothels where the transactions between the harlots and their customers are confirmed were decorated with salacious posters.Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (sais The Johns Hopkins University c accessed 2009, forms OF trafficking - Benin, along with Togo, has one of the greatest problems with child trafficking of all the countries in West and Central Africa. .Retrieved "ugbague street: Inside Benin's oldest prostitutes' den".Dept of Labor Bureau of International Labor Affairs, 2005 m accessed, incidence AND nature OF child labor - Benin is a source, destination and transit country for the trafficking of children.This is a cultural and social tradition that is not regarded as prostitution by the community, but is regarded as a method of preserving the family name.Obstacles - There is a paucity of information on the issue.
Trafficked children often work as agricultural workers, domestic servants, market vendors, commercial sex workers, and in rock quarries.
After the onset of World War II, British officials became apprehensive about any link between high venereal disease rates in West African Frontier Force soldiers and promiscuous sexual affairs with prostitutes.