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Meaning of french word salope

To be fair, let's admit that Tampax and site echange correspondant anglais other tampons certainly changed the outlook on periods: until then, most women had to wear big chunks of linen between their legs, and male children were inevitably exposed to bloody rags in chamberpots or other sanitary fixtures.
Pronunciation IPA ( key /bt/ Hyphenation: bitch taux change banque canada us Noun bitch f ( plural bitches, diminutive bitchje n) ( derogatory ) bitch (somewhat general term of abuse for a woman; disagreeable, assertive, aggressive or malicious woman) Synonyms: teef, trut, kreng ( derogatory ) bitch (person.The poor testicles reduced to producing lonesome semen.You must be the real bitch in the relationship.Connasse cunt, bitch, etc Insult towards a woman.Trou du cul (abrev : trou duc asshole Is said for a (male) person you consider as ridiculous or stupid.P papa - dad parachuter un senegalais (verb) - to take a dump, crap, shit Local slang used in Bretagne.
She usually has two children, obviously fatherless, "les deux orphelines" (the two orphans.e.

For the circus, 's usually hidden at the junction of a lady's thighs.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Level 5 was a real bitch, dont you think?Men are known to be fond of "tirer un coup" (to shoot their load usually in an amorous battle on female battlegrounds.Acronym for "Bon chic, bon genre".Compare Old Occitan putan(a).Elle m'a surprise alors agence escort lausanne que j'étais en train de me changer!Used as a friendly term.It's very common, found in print and rap music as well as conversations.Somehow the erect penis, hopefully hard, may have a similarity to a bow - just as in "tirer un coup" it is similar to a loaded gun.Enculer to bugger, to fuck Refers to anal sex only.
1621, Democritus Junior pseudonym; Robert Burton, Symptomes of Iealousie, Fear, Sorrow, Suspition, Strange Actions, Gestures, Outrages, Locking Up, Oathes, Trials, Lawes,., in The Anatomy of Melancholy, Oxford: Printed by Iohn Lichfield and Iames Short, for Henry Cripps, oclc ; The Anatomy of Melancholy., 5th.
Except Popaul looks a bit already like the pink trunk of a tiny elephant - in fact, just like a dick.