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French word salope meaning in english

Get lost you sad idiot is one of the many possible translations.
More recently it's been adapted to today's fashion, where baskets (trainers) are much more in vogue.Boy you really salop eh" #ssalope #salope #sahlop #slop #salopte by, de Invadah, november 23, 2005, salop unknown.It has a similar direct translation in that it means "you make me shit" but is not used to shout at the restaurant owner whose steak tartare gave you a terrible gastro.This scene may be familiar to some as an homage to Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver.Has the advantage of also working with a calmer voice and still sounding firm.The word is predominantly used as an expletive in many former french colonies.It can also be used to describe someone who is promiscuous, filthy, or simply does not care.Putain is so important that its gets its own article read here.Tu me rends dingue!Although The Locals official advice is to take a deep breath, hold your tongue and go and calm down in a bar with a verre de vin, sometimes its impossible not to get angry, it is a Latin country after all.(Tnarik Innael/Flickr) La moutarde me monte au nez!An exclamation used by cians less than a second after something amazing, exciting or funny has occurred.
A shorter equivalent is "Je t'en pose des questions?" - do I ask you loads of questions?

The latter, let go of my bunch, doesn't need as much explaining, you've figured it out.Literally "You smoked the carpet too much." Also slightly cheesy and outdated, but it's a great way of saying "what are you on, have you gone mad!" For example: "Tu veux regarder le match?" might be met with a "Tu as trop fumé la moquette.Top definition salop unknown, a word in french creole that means literally, "nasty".Especially in France where a good old verbal rumpus is seen as both healthy and a sign of intelligence."Casse toi" on its own also works.The first originates from the first version of the expression which referred to basques, the lower parts escort masculin montreal on a tailcoat.Et ta soeur elle bat le beurre?Joseph "Jack's girl has been sleeping with five guys behind his back.And there are other more imaginative versions of saying the same thing.It basically means you are really pissing me off now.#salloppe #bitch #nasty #rat #hees by DeeOweEn Az Mafia May 11, 2009 buy the domain for your travel blog.
And many locals will mutter or blurt out one of the following: con, conasse or conard, which depending on the sex of the person they are talking about basically means asshole (conasse for a woman).

For the example par excellence of how to pull this off in French, check out this clip of Vincent Cassels performance in the cult French film La Haine.
One of the hardest things about living abroad is not knowing what to say when you get into a heated argument with a local, as inevitably happens from time to time.