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Exchange partition rebuild index

exchange partition rebuild index

Create table big_table2 ( id number(10 created_date date, lookup_id number(10 data varchar2(50) partition BY range (created_date) (partition big_table_2007 values less than (maxvalue - Add new keys, FKs and triggers.
Back to the Top).The contents of the article should not be used as an indication of when and how to partition objects, it simply shows the method of getting from A.The previously used matching index term refers to indexes that have the same attributes such as the collation order, ascending or descending direction, ordering of nulls first or nulls last, and so forth as determined by the create index command.For the next load, first truncate the call Table, then process the next load.For larger numbers of rows index rebuilds are more efficient and allow index reorganization.Create and populate a small lookup table.Remember, in many cases incorrect partitioning is worse than no partitioning!Target_subpartition, the name of the subpartition to be replaced.For example, in data warehousing environments, exchanging partitions facilitates high-speed data loading of new, incremental data into an existing partitioned table.Select partitioned from user_tables where table_name 'BIG_table PAR - YES 1 row selected.Exec dbms_ther_table_stats(user, 'lookup cascade true exec dbms_ther_table_stats(user, 'BIG_table cascade true Create a Partitioned Destination Table, next we create a new table with the appropriate shemale escort malta partition structure to act as the destination table.

If you plan to add a large quantity of data to a partitioned table, you can use the alter table exchange partition command to implement a bulk load.One of the great features about partitioning, and most specifically range-based partitioning, is the ability to load data quickly and easily with minimal impact on the current users using: alter table call exchange partition data_2007 with table call_temp; This command swaps over the definitions.I have two tables in Oracle.2.Insert append ordered full(s1) use_nl(s2).The same behavior as previously described applies for the target_subpartition used with the exchange subpartition clause.Home articles misc » Here, this article presents a simple method for partitioning an existing table using the exchange partition syntax.This section contains the following topics.
Therefore the primary key on call can be a local index and the indexes doesn't become unusable (must not be rebuild) after the exchange.

When you exchange partitions, logging attributes are preserved.
Select partition_name, num_rows from user_tab_partitions where table_name 'BIG_table partition_name NUM_rows BIG_table_ BIG_table_ BIG_table_ rows selected.
The primary key is build on the column «id», but the partition key is build on «created_date».