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The strategic objectives of the Franco-Spanish military forces in the West Indies in this plan were: to aid the Americans and defeat the British naval squadron at New York to capture the British Windward Islands and to conquer Jamaica.
78 Black, Jeremy (1999).Saintes (or Saints a group of islands between.It is estimated that the French may have lost as much as 3,000, and more than 5,000 French soldiers and sailors were captured, in addition to the captured French ships several of their ships were severely damaged.Hector, a complete dismasted wreck, struck after having battled HMS Canada and HMS Alcide.5, the battle is named after the.He broke off the engagement to return to protect the merchant convoy.315-17 Roche,.238 Troude, Batailles navales,.3 Rodney was feted a hero on his return; he presented the Comte De Grasse as his prisoner personally to the King.Bataille de la Dominique or, battle of Dominica was an important naval battle that took place over four days, during the.Clarification needed 17 Within an hour, the wind had escort camping supplies shifted to the south and thus forced the French line to separate and bear to the west, as it could not hold its course into the wind.On arrival in Saint Domingue in November 1781, he was notified that the plan was given the go ahead to proceed with the conquest of Jamaica.19 Around 9 am, Drake's rearmost ship, HMS Russell, cleared the end of the French fleet and hauled wind; while his ships had taken some damage, they had inflicted a severe battering on them.This dramatically improved speed and sailing performance as a whole in good wind."Rodney's Battle of : A Statement of Some Important Facts, Supported by Authentic Documents, Relating to the Operation of Breaking the Enemy's Line, as Practiced for the First Time in the Celebrated Battle of ".Bibliography edit Douglas, Major-General Sir Howard; Christopher.Francisco Saavedra de Sangronis, General Bureau for the Spanish Indies, court representative and aide to the Spanish.
Warfare in the Eighteenth Century.

21 Hood took the surrender; the boarding crew, which included the British fleet surgeon Gilbert Blane, were horrified at the carnage; a Remarkably de Grasse appeared not to have a scratch on him, while every one of his officers had either been killed or wounded.314 Valin.67-68 Dull.M un site des prostitution pour homme rencontres coquines pour une soirée endiablée.14 Initial articles of peace were signed in July, with a full treaty following in September 1783.Drake, to take the lead.14 On 12 April, the French were sighted a short distance away, as the two fleets maneuvered between the northern end of Dominica and the Saintes.Pour cela, il suffit dopter pour des annonces sexe qui dévoilent explicitement ces rendez-vous coquins dans le lieu de votre choix.27 Citations a b Wallenfeldt.
Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail: the Evolution of Fighting Tactics.

26 The battle is famous for the innovative tactic of "breaking the line in which the British ships passed through a gap in the French line, engaging the enemy from leeward and throwing them into disorder.
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