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Escort redline vs passport max 2

escort redline vs passport max 2

Both of these detectors share many of the exact features and escorte moto course velo benefits as Escort and Beltronics are the same company and with the exception of some cosmetic, firmware and a slight hardware differences both are essentially the exact same detector.
Sorry if my English wasn't perfect.Escort Clearly now has 2 high end radar detectors and both are very good.John Pilgrim: Redline beats the max all around.Because of this one accessory you may want to consider adding is the Escort Live Interface.Joshua Xiong: Yup, no actions.If you are looking for the best radar detector to use in the city and you can afford it, The passport max is the best detector for your money.Before buying advice: If you already have echange universitaire hec montreal Escort Passport 9500 - Think wisely!The most common false will be from automatic door openers that share the same frequency of police radar.Buckeyesfan500: My Cobras a piece of crap.Redlines are shielded and won't really affect the max much with interference but the max is not shielded and will hurt the redlines performance.I have received alerts around hills and curves with no issues with the Redline.This will then enable your Redline or Magnum to alert you to fixed photo enforcement cameras, police spotted alerts, share real time alerts with other Escort Live users and even block out known false alert locations by the exact location and frequency.
Especially for a short urban driving, because the GPS inactive, and consequently the detector does not provide filtering of interference.
Passport 9500 has got a GPS connection in 5-10 minutes (the same car and same place).

The Passport Max 360 is classified as both a highway and city radar detector, provides full 360 degree protection with front and rear antennas and arrows, has an internal GPS which will alert you to fixed photo enforcement cameras and the ability to lock out.Since you eliminate segments of the non real police frequencies you can eliminate many of these false alerts and you can use the RDR Off function to dramatically increase the response time of the detector.The, escort Redline is a great detector and there is no doubt about that.The LNA on prostituée herault the Redline is wire bonded and the LNA on the STi Magnum is packaged.If it is - for 700 of money it would be a really big disappointment).By coupling the GPS capability with its computer interface, Max adds the ability to pre-load Passports Defender database of speed and red-light cameras.
Randy Johnson: R Bowen,I got both and a sti driver,34.7 seems to be very strong on Max, but a segmented redline will never loss.
I now own and I have been pleased with my Escort Redline but I think it time to upgrade to the Passport Max.

Its built on the solid M3 antenna platform which is a dual antenna that offers the best off-axis protection available.