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Escort girl saintes maries de la mer

I t is thus in year 42 of our era which a boat accosts bringing several people come to seek refuge in Gaules.
This assumption, perfectly heretic I agree on it, would give to the family of Jesus at least ONE if not TWO good reasons to take refuge in Gaules, at the "gentils" (from Latin "gentilis" "of good race"!
The breviary of the diocese of Aix, at the feastday of holy the Marie-Jacobé and Marie-Salome (on May 25 tells the thing as follows: "A short persecution occurred at the Jews.
W hich is the good version?P robably that a certain number of children accompanied them, as well as disciples.(2000 years ago, the sea was then more than two meters below the current level).Here, these people did not start from their full liking.One does not take along his "maidservant" in such a risky forwarding for a no return travel.Fortunately, these enthusiastic people had long-lived the memory of these events, because the ecclesiastical institution made of this case only well late (starting from XVe century) and in a way too discreet, not very visible, not to say to its defending body and in spite.However, the future will show that at the end of this arm of the river, there was the hand of God!S o indeed they arrived to Marseille, the travellers and their company passed by the stopovers of Curry, Croix-Sainte, and Fos, before stopping with the oppidum Ra, become official stopover since imperator Auguste.The sea, in our century, still rejects from time to time on the shore some stones escort 95 of construction, old escort up tiles, carved remains, fragments of potteries, or greek, roman, and carthaginians coins.The film is a close and revealing study of an obscured society rarely observed by outsiders.It is on this assumption that Dan Brown imagined his famous novel "Da Vinci Code and there he is not undoubtedly entirely wrong to suppose a hidden truth.).The mouth of the Rhone being a strategic access point for the trade towards the interior of Gaules, it has at all times thus colonized by merchants and thus also defended.Our-injury of the boat.The history is however quite beautiful, and it was mainly confirmed by the excavations undertaken since.There is already a small eastern colony when these refugees unload there.B y their way of life and their philosophy of love, they are not long besides in being noticed, then admired and finally revered.

Thanks to contact me).Over the two day celebration at the town in the Camargue, South of France, gypsies of all origin amass to reassert their faith and pay their respects.The veneration she is the object in Brittany at Sainte-Anne-d'Auray, is very meaning on this subject.If anyone wants to translate in a better way ( see the french version as model welcome!T hey do not arrive in unknown country.This "oppidum" is indeed a fort, a fortress set up on an island formed between two arms of the Rhone, and being used as port-refuge to the Eastern tradesmen since centuries.This history, here it is: L ittle time after the crucifixion of Jesus in Palestine and the events which followed one another it, unloads in a place called "oppidum Ra" a certain number of people whose importance cannot be suspected at the time by the.Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer lace of pilgrimage since centuries for the gipsies and travelling peoples in homage to Saint-Sarah (or Sara) whom they consider of their family, of their old race from Aegypt, and which was so-called a maidservant of the escort of Maries.I f the result is the same at the end of the voyage, the starting conditions are definitely divergent.Another tradition also forwards to Languedoc Joseph d' Arimathie, which is plausible since all the family of Béthanie * would be thus joined together, but it is more probable than Joseph was arrived in Gaule separately, probably before, about 33 or 34, and than.

They are named for the principal ones of them: Marie-Jacobé, Marie-Salome, Sara, Lazare (ressuscity) and Marthe her wife, and Marie-madeleine.
Spine Television's short film Saintes-Maries-De-La-Mer: A Gypsy Pilgrimage examines life at the annual gypsy festival in honour of Saint Sara.