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A piano was in a small concert hall, so our "Orchestra" was started.
Val Smith Add to this record.
Casting an eye upwards to the domed ceiling, one thought of being in the cistine chapel at Rome.
I stopped on the job as medical orderly and went out each day with the workers.The battalion relocated to Landi Kotal, Khyber Pass, in 1937.Not much sound of activity.Back home his record entry states Previously reported missing now located having been recaptured.Army in the Occupation of Germany.I remember him telling us afterwards that early in 1945 gunfire could be heard in the camp, and seemed to be getting nearer in the East than in the West.His younger brother Pat recounted that one night shortly after the evacuation he arrived late on the door step of his family home near Cambridge and told everyone he was alive and well then left immediately.I always was told that as he was a medic he was in a camp for non-combatants with doctors and padres and other medics.Another of our duties was to take three lads into "Alex" to guard the.A.He served in Iceland, North Africa and Italy with the medical corps.That is a day I will take to my grave with.My block was due to go on the 23rd.I remember him saying that there were hundreds of bodies in the sea from German ships carrying refugees that had been sunk by Russian submarines.
They didn't know the fate of those being called, whether they were beaten, tortured, executed or released.
If you know anything more about my grandfather please contact me as I'd love to hear from you.

I have inherited his medals and have now learnt a great deal.My father died in January 2006, just short of his 90th birthday.18171 Underwood Henry,.We do know he suffered from bad nightmares associated with his wartime experiences and particularly his cinema bombing experience on Malta and his underwater escape from Cos.This party was billeted beyond a German barracks, of which there were three in the town.In the 1950s he disappeared and we never heard from him again, although he sent money to support his son's education.He found it quite strange, that the camp was separated into two parts, the outer ring of the camp was for the normal German soldier, but in the centre of the camp, there was a special protected part for members of the SS party.Canteen for something to eat.On board, I palled up with a very nice chap called Harry Crowe.He was hospitalised in December 1940, posted to 12 Company in January 1941, back to 10 Company then posted to the 'Y' List and subsequently discharged in July 1941 as being permanently unfit for any form of military service.The chap who had been in prison resiliation de contrat bouygues garantie echange 24 used to dent a fire rencontres coquines au cameroun bucket with his head to show how tough he was.
In contrast, in "B" Company's sector, the late arrival of the reconnaissance party and DD tanks exposed the landing infantry to heavy machine gun fire.