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Escort 7500 radar detector review

escort 7500 radar detector review

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While you can just take off down the road and simply stuff the brakes when the thing goes off, you really need to read the owner's manual in order to operate the Passport 7500 efficiently.In the Spy-versus-Spy world of escalating speed-detection technology and countermeasures, Escort Inc., like its predecessor, Cincinnati Microwave, enjoys a well-respected reputation for building some of the best high-end radar and laser detectors out there.Product Review, passport 7500 Radar and Laser Detector wcca.SWS alerts you of highway construction/maintenance, highway hazard zones, weather related hazards, travel/convenience information and emergency/slow moving vehicles.When you encounter radar, a distinct audible alert will sound and occur faster as the signal gets stronger.The Passport seemed much more adept at weeding out false sources.AutoMute: The Passport 7500S features the patented AutoMute feature.If multiple sources are present, the computer picks the strongest signal.This model offers many of the advanced features of the.Amazingly, the Passport 7500 can display radar warnings for up to eight different sources simultaneously, identifying the band and signal strength of each signal.In fact, the old Big Box prostitué de luxe prix is still highly effective in the X and K band range - more so than some of Escort's modern competitors, who have fallen by the wayside in X and K band as technology mandated the ability to detect super-wide.
The Escort Passport 7500S Radar Detector offers the quality of Escort at a more affordable price.

You can also select conventional Highway and City modes.Warnings can be muted either manually or automatically with the AutoMute feature.SWS has 60 messages, all of which can be displayed by the Passport 7500 with SWS engaged in the programming mode.(Hover and click on a star), aug 16, 2003 richard, model Reviewed: passport 7500.He's right: A savvy cop will run X band radar in a known "falsing" area.The standard meter displays information about a single radar source only.In ExpertMeter mode, the detector simultaneously tracks up to 8 radar signals.