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Cute names to call a baby girl

Whoopi (Caryn Elaine) 492.
It has the point d'échange options of two adorable nicknames, Winnie and Fred.
Here we give you a few tips to make the task easy:.
Wifey If she means a lot to you and you plan on getting married, wifey is a good choice.But do you know what it means?Lemon An exciting name for an exciting girl.Boo A new nickname that is adoring.MomJunction has a list of more than 800 trending baby nicknames.Annabelle: This sweet girl name was immortalized by Edgar Allen Poe in his poem of the same name.Chirkoot (Shraddha Kapoor) 466.Glory: Glory is both patriotic and cute baby name for girls.Non-Abusive: A nickname should not embarrass your child in public.Wookie-bear Read: Animal Inspired Baby Names Common Indian Nicknames: The common nicknames in Indian households are mostly based on how healthy the baby is, or its a mash-up of the parents names syllables.This French name means she.
It means she who brings happiness.

The name means bay tree or laurel tree.Constance: After Faith and Hope, Constance is rising as one of the most popular virtue names.Chickadee A cute name with no real meaning.This name has been in trend ever since.Fruit Loop, a playful name that should be used with caution.Pookie No real meaning, but it is cute.Bonnie: Heres another super cute name for girls.Sherri and Dan- Sheridan 268.Or you might simply want to browse all the girls names on Nameberry, from Aaliyah to Zuleika.And fortunately, most of the cutesy names transition well into the adulthood.Actually, its a good thing!
Lolo (Karisma Kapoor) 475.

The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) 488.