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Change culture event ck2

change culture event ck2

Techpoints Adds 1000 tech points of each kind to player.
Every character in the game identifies with a culture, and this affects their relations with other characters in the same realm.Historically, sometimes European lords had to face tough decisions like this one.Events, iD, name 55000, province culture changes 55001, bring in some settlers 55002, the English Melting Pot (after year 1100) 55003, it's spreading 55004.Pollinate Character ID (Mother) Character ID (Father) Impregnates female by male.At first, I prostitution new york 1970s thought that it would be wrong to give Jewish cultures and religion so many (arguably over-powered) bonuses, but then I saw that in the base game, Buddhism has 4 learning (which is objectively overpowered)!People often talk about how their identity influences how they play and interpret games."Originally, I wanted to name my mod 'Idishe Melkhim the Yiddish form of 'Jewish Kings but since no one would understand the meaning of it, I translated it to English.".Only works on crown laws move (Character ID) Forces character into court.
Spread of Culture - Character Level.
The first triggers when the province is of the same religion as the owner and there is at least one province next to it, with both same culture and a ruler of same culture, as the owners.

I added a decision for Jewish characters to observe the holiday of Yom Kippur with other vassals.Make my court speak English 55005, make my vassal speak English 55006 character_event 55010, a ruler is assimilated by the local culture 55011 character_event 55100 character_event.The province owner owns one of the higher titles, of which the county is de-jure part of, and that title is de-jure the owners culture.Event 4040 "blasphemy" event, gives small piety temporary trait event 4045 "kidnap" event, gives choice between permanent just, cruel or escorte independante mature content traits.Finally, there are also a limited number of events that depend upon or are influenced by culture.In addition to making the Jewish character experience more in-depth, I added events for non-Jewish characters.Every cheat with Character ID or Province ID defaults to your character or capital province.Help Command Name Explains what a certain command does.Has that been a big distraction?
Imprison Character ID Imprison character.
Event 260 gain 5 prestige event 261 soldier courtier appears in your court event 73009 A destitute noble from a former enemy court ask for permanent hospitality event 600 causes rebels to appear in your capital event 620 crusade wins event 621 crusade loses event.