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A sentence using libertine

Prev Word, next Word, definition of Libertine someone who ignores moral values, examples of Libertine in a sentence.
Take one step away from those laws and you become a lecher, a libertine, an assassin.
The transition from libertine to prig was so coquinas cocinar complete.Because Warren is a drunken libertine, he often comes into work with a hangover.But the libertine who turned to religion in maturity seemed to get undue credit.Bellini had begun the job by painting The Feast of the Gods for the libertine duke, who wanted the best artists in Italy to paint canvases on themes of classical drunken revels.And yes, the Latin root of "libertine" is "liber the ultimate source of our word liberty.In addition to these controversies on points of faith, he was for many years greatly disquieted, and sometimes even endangered, by the opposition offered by the libertine party in Geneva to the ecclesiastical discipline which he had established there.He was badly brought up by a feeble father, a mother who combined immorality with religion, and a libertine abbe.A drunken libertine and a cruel tyrant (May 1849 the latter was assassinated in 1854, and a regency under his widow, Marie Louise, was insti tuted during which the government became somewhat more tolerable, although by no means free from political persecution; in 1857 the.By 1600, though, the term had come to imply that change devise euro lira turque an individual was a little too escort particular madrid unrestrained, especially in moral situations.Visit m to watch our full library of videos.As he characterized his opponents in general as the "pestilent herd of libertine scribblers with which the island is overrun it is no matter of surprise that the book made him many bitter enemies.
When Al fell in love with Alyssa, he stopped acting like a libertine and started going to church.
Though a libertine and a free-thinker, he had championed the most bigoted and tyrannical high-church measures.

The word libertine, which originally meant "freedman" when it appeared in 14th-century English, traces to the Latin libertus, a term that in Roman antiquity identified a slave who had been set free.Most Searched Words (with Video).Mitch is the libertine who stole money from the churchs collection plate.The films main character is a libertine who cons wealthy women into marrying him.A man without an address is a vagabond; a man with two addresses a libertine.I believe John is not a libertine any more.Browse other sentence examples).Prev Word, next Word.My Uncle Charles is a libertine who lives with his four girlfriends.
Much emphasis was placed on the raffish past m) with roll-calls of distinguished libertines.

I lost Ruth and gained an undeserved reputation as a potential libertine.
Although he is quite a libertine with the women, this particular President, I understand.